Production Broadcast Sheets

Production Broadcast Sheets identify the 'options' which were installed on the car during the assembly process.  It is important to locate these sheets in every car possible, as many of them may not  match the car in which it was found.  A single car could may contain as many as five sheets, locations in which these sheets are commonly found are:

  • Glove box insert: taped to the top and/or back side
  • Front bucket seats: under the seat in the springs and/or inside  the seat back
  • Rear seat: under the seat in the springs and/or inside the seat  back
  • Package tray (aka speaker shelf): between the tray and sheet  metal
  • Carpet: under it

To the right (or above) is an example of a Production Broadcast Sheet.  Should you find one that belongs to your car or another, please contact Hamtramck-Historical and/or Transamcuda to register your car and provide information about it.


1970 Plymouth Barracuda Documentation

I have the original bill of sale and what appears to be the warranty certificate for this car, a 1970 Barracuda VIN BS23G0B201076.  I purchased this original "In-Violet", Black Vinyl Top Barracuda 2 March 1971 at Jim Clark Chrysler Plymouth, monthly payments $81.66, with the help of my parents in Topeka, Kansas.  The car was used as a trade-in at Selman Chevrolet in Orange, California, sometime during 1977, for a 1978 Z-28  Camaro.  The color of the car was changed to slate gray in 1976.  If you own or know the whereabouts of this Barracuda, please contact me.

Miscellaneous Documentation

Here are several miscellaneous documents associated with my AAR `Cuda or Chrysler Corporation available for download.

  • AAR `Cuda Specification Sheet
  • AAR `Cuda Price & Order Info
  • AAR `Cuda Window Sticker (Reproduction) - All details may not be accurate
  • Build Sheet - Decode for my AAR `Cuda
  • Build Sheet - Image (how it might be completed for my AAR `Cuda)
  • Color Stripe Sheet Chrysler Corporation
  • Galen V. Govier - Chrysler Registry
  • The Rapid Transit System - Press Information
  • Tom Quadrini - "The Almost Complete History of the Challenger T/A & AAR `Cuda"