The restoration was performed in the mid-west, Sikeston, Missouri which lies approximately 146 miles south of St. Louis on I-55, then 5 miles west on State Highway 62. The individual that performed the restoration is named, Daniel (D.J.; Dan) Strebler who resides in the town of Sikeston.  Commissioned by a former owner, this process took approximate 1.5 years, beginning in July 1990 and completing in September 1991.  The pictures above were received from Dan.

The last three (recent) pictures in this stack are of the garage in Sikeston, Missouri where  the restoration was performed approximately 27 years ago.  These pictures are through the courtesy of  David Ronsse, a former owner.

These are pictures that  were take shortly after I purchased the AAR `Cuda, at the Oceanside, California harbor.

A fish at the beach!

AAR `Cuda Burnout by Freddy

Prior to purchasing this AAR `Cuda, I asked my son-in-law's brother, Freddy, who happened to live near Mesa, Arizona, to stop by Desert AutoSport and take the car for a test drive.  After this experince, his comments were hell yes, buy this car!

Now, Freddy enjoys having fun, burning up the tires of the AAR `Cuda!