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My AAR `Cuda

I created this web site to allow a wider audience to see the car and perhaps provide me with some information pertaining to this specific car; for example, Broadcast Sheet, former owners, etc.  The picture to the right (or above) is the car as it looked in the mid 80's; purchased by an individual that lived in Randolph, New Jersey at the time and then moved to Berlin, Maryland.  

I purchased this Rallye Red (FE5) 1970 AAR `Cuda, VIN BS23J0B294098 on 16 October 2004. I contacted Desert  AutoSport in Mesa, Arizona the dealer representing the car, made an offer and they accepted.  I placed a $1,000 deposit on the car and drove to Mesa to look at this car and finalize the purchase.   I have a seven page narrative on all of the information that I have gathered on this car since I purchased it, if interested in reviewing it.

Upon taking delivery I noticed that the steering box was leaking, and an attempt was made to fix it that afternoon, with no luck.  The seller and I agreed that I would take the car and have this fixed in Southern California and I would bill him for the repairs,  which I did.  I personally towed the car back to Oceanside, California where I reside.  I have located all of the VIN’s on the car in their proper places with the exception of the  transmission; therefore, I consider this matching numbers with that  exception.  The artifacts I received at the time of purchase included a bill of sale between Car Scene, Inc. and Brent N. Hill, a former owner, no date on contract.  I also received the Chrysler Registry certificate that Terry Klein, a former owner, had Galen Govier decode the fender tag and entered this VIN into a  registry for cars of this type, dated 25 October 2002.  Interestingly, the certificate is wrong in that it showed the state where Terry lived as Ohio, when it should have been California.  I traced the street, city and zip code to a California address. I've been able to identify owners back to the mid 80's, in the  Randolph, (Morris County) New Jersey area.


Since purchasing the car I have replaced many parts that were missing, incorrect or damaged, as follows:

  • Front speaker, original was cracked beyond repair
  • Steering box, due to leaking seal
  • Rear brakes, due to leaking wheel cylinder right side
  • Turn signal switch
  • Jack instructions label, trunk
  • Jack with correct hook
  • Lug nut handle
  • Sun visor tabs
  • Tire pressure label
  • VIN label, driver's door
  • Emissions timing label inside engine compartment, (was for manual transmission)
  • Collapsible BF Goodrich (BFG) spare tire, valve cap, repro air bottle and bottle bracket
  • Both door locks and ignition lock cylinder (so a single key worked)
  • Positive cable strap, engine compartment
  • Miscellaneous cable straps, engine compartment
  • Center console, original was cracked at the typical place next to shift knob
  • Ducktail spoiler, due to some clown rear-ending me (luckily it just scratched the trunk lid paint and broke the existing spoiler. Replaced spoiler with a MoPar authorized repro part and repainted only the deck lid)
  • Power steering pump, due to leaking seal
  • Windshield washer bottle
  • Oil breather, 2 ports
  • Radiator cap
  • Owner’s manual, repro
  • Grill spacers, replaced missing pieces
  • Radio (AM) wasn’t working well, sent to a guy for adjustment. Recently installed AM/FM/CD and rear speakers, while retaining the original AM radio
  • Antenna was not correct (was ‘whip’ now ‘telescoping’)
  • Idle Solenoid and bracket; wiring for the Idle Solenoid missing, was found buried in the wiring harness “capped off”, connected and adjusted same.
  • Driver/Passenger door arm rests, due to cracking
  • Master Cylinder due to leaking and incorrect type
  • Master Cylinder failed, had it rebuilt by THERAMMANINC
  • Brake Booster failed, had it rebuilt by THERAMMANINC
  • Transmission leaking in several places, pan, filler tube and speedo gear, repaired same

AAR `Cuda, mid 80's in Randolph, New Jersey

AAR `Cuda, mid 80's in Randolph, New Jersey


Sip Ɛ Sup

I recently learned that this AAR `Cuda street raced out of a place called the Sip Ɛ Sup, pictured to the left (or above), in the fall of 1970 at the intersection of Routes 10 and 202 in Littleton, New Jersey.